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"I worked with Holly during the Winner: Highstreet Neighbourhood project. My role was to interview her and the Curator of the project at three stages during the process. In this time I learned how Holly fully engages herself within her context as an integral part of her research and creative practice. The forms of Holly’s visual arts practice ranged from live performance events, performance writing, and community collaboration as well as illustrations, sculptures, and mixed media collage. This range of mediums allowed audiences to experience the project in a variety of different ways, offering participatory experiences and inclusion into the project. Her commitment to this was the foundation for many a valuable insight into the Winner street neighbourhood and the artworks Holly produced were not only responsive to her context and various in form, but generous to the community." 

 - Ria Hartley, Interdisciplinary Artist, Researcher and Educator

"I interviewed Holly during the Winner: Hightstreet Neighbourhood project. During the interview and from our conversations at the opening event, Holly's commitment to working closely and sensitively with communities really shone through. Many of the people she'd nurtured relationships with over the course of that project were there at the opening, and visibly shared in a sense of ownership, engagement and pride, a testament to the success of Holly and Gareth's residency in Paignton."

- Danielle Rose, Independent Live Arts Producer

"Holly and I worked in collaboration on Allotments a project for Schwartz Gallery in 2010. We were both members of a studio collective based in East London.

From conception to production Holly was extremely professional in her disciplined yet flexible approach. She is an excellent collaborator who contributes to the conversation as much as she listens. Holly brings solutions, not problems.

All these qualities come to the fore in Holly’s committed and informed approach to investigating art and community. Her interest in the relationship between countryside and city is informed by research into the network and history of progressive regional arts in the UK. She is part of the critical conversation around this subject.

There is a rigor to Holly’s research into the countryside, which is impressive. She shows pigs at county shows and she involves herself with local schools and community groups.

Holly’s committed approach means that she nurtures and maintains relationships with her local community and also the wider art community. Her practice links-in the town and country binary in a way that will develop and sustain in a critically engaged way that will continue to enrich this area of British art and culture."

Harry Meadows  - Artist