Plymouth, Oct 2012 
Participants: NEET Students
Commissioned by: Plymouth College of Art

Smith held 3 workshops with the group of NEET students in October 2012, the workshops consisted of 2 site specific visits to the Plymouth's west end, which is where their studios are based. The group had only thick felt tip pens to work with, as Smith wanted the group to feel confident about creating strong lines and to not feel pressured that they needed to be perfect drawings. They also experimented with not looking at the paper whilst drawing and not taking the pen of the paper, which helped them embrace the fluidity of the line drawings. 

Smith worked with the group again to finalise their drawings and to discuss what would go best on what merchandise. Smith then took the groups work and created designs for the merchandise which will go on sale sometime early 2013. They also took their images and placed them onto pumps which will also be part of the merchandise. 

Winner:high street neighbourhood
Paignton, 2012
Participants: Curledge Street Primary School and shopkeepers of Winner Street
Curated by: Gareth Ballyn

There were 3 workshops all together held by Gareth Ballyn and Smith, the aim was to enhance the children's knowledge of Winner Street, interact with the shopkeepers, and learn new skills.  First of all the children where introduced to the history of Winner Street by Ken Rowe a member of the Paignton History Society. Then the children were all given sketchbooks and took on a tour of Winner Street where they had to answer a number of questions about the street and draw certain objects. 

These drawings were then made into a map of Winner Street which you can visit here
and were also used to go onto bags, which are now being sold by the shops on Winner Street. 

The two classes were then spilt into two, where one group had to make small clay models of the shops held by Smith, and the other group went to record interviews with shopkeepers of Winner Street, held by Gareth and Lucinda Guy from Soundart Radio. 

The interviews were made into a soundtrack which you can listen to here
and the clay models were placed inside a table which was on display at Paignton Library and has now gone into Curlegde Schools new building.  

There were more parts to the Winner: high street neighbourhood which included work made by Smith, a programme of events and a shop which was open to the public which exhibited a number of exhibitions. 

Winner:high street neighbourhood
Paignton, 2012
Participants: ROC Creative and the shopkeepers of Winner Street
Curated by: Gareth Ballyn

The 'Winner Street Shopkeepers Meet ROC Creative' workshops were run by Smith early May in 2011.   The main aim of the workshops was for the group to build a relationship with  the shopkeepers before drawing their portraits. So the group went on 2 site visits to explore what they sold in the shops and recorded interviews with the owners, you can listen to parts of the interviews here -

After getting to know the shopkeepers, they were then invited to ROC's studios next to The Palace Theatre, which is just across the road from Winner Street. Here they had 30 mins which was divided into 3 sections - 1. Drawing the portrait, 2. Picking an object that the shopkeeper had brought in from their shop to draw, 3. To finish off both drawings whilst having a sing and dance to the shopkeepers favourite song, whilst the shopkeeper and the group answered each others questions. 

These short exercises helped remind the group what each shopkeeper sold and it also relaxed the atmosphere with bringing in music and conservation to the workshop, which was important to the group as they were quite anxious at first but once Queen came on everyone just started dancing and singing along. 

Here is a link to the workshops -

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